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Julian Cutter’s Father Jon started his first salon in Sudbury, Suffolk in 1971.  This was the first modern salon to introduce a “no appointments” system.

Jon opened his second salon in Head Street, Halstead, Essex in 1982. This was even more revolutionary as it also included Ladies hairdressing. From then on, if you wanted your hair Cut, Coloured, Permed, Straightened or Put-Up, you could have it done on the same day without an appointment. The business was then taken over by Abi from her Father, Julian. Abi is the third generation to own the salon, therefore immensely passionate about making her family proud with the new directions she is taking the business. Following the successful development of the Lipstick & Locks brand, the salon has returned to Julian as 'Cutters' incorporating the original Cutting Shed stylists.

Over the years, Julian has added further salons, in Halstead, Braintree, Sudbury, and Hadleigh.

Julian Cutter, based in the centre of Halstead High Street was Julian’s second salon, it opened its doors in August 2000 accommodating seven hair stylists in a modern friendly air conditioned environment. In 2022 this salon transferred to the Lipstick & Locks brand.

The next salon Julian opened was Headmasters in Coggeshall Road, Braintree. This modern salon differed slightly in that you could book, but an appointment is not always needed. Headmasters also had a Beautician on hand for all your Beauty requirements. Headmasters has now moved into new premises in 6 Little Square, Braintree and has been transferred to the Lipstick & Locks brand.

Some years ago Karl Lindekam in Gainsborough Street, Sudbury joined the group. This is a more traditional salon with separate areas for Men’s and Ladies hairdressing. This business was originally established in 1945 and is well known locally.

Cutter & Co was situated in the High Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk within a tastefully updated Grade II listed building, this was largest of the Julian Cutter chain offering six cutting stations. Like the other Salons, Cutter & Co operated on a no appointments basis, although if preferred, you could book. Cutter & Co. closed in 2021.

The Cutting Shed in Halstead was a cozy Salon offering both appointment or no appointment options, in 2022 it moved to the bigger and better 'Cutters' premises in Head St. Halstead.

All of these salons operate as independent businesses benefiting from the experience, advice and guidance offered by the Cutter family.  
Each of our Salons has an enthusiastic team who pride themselves in providing high quality work within a relaxed and friendly Salon atmosphere.
  ©Julian Cutter 2022
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